Good weed is a product of love and evolution, inspired and guided by the symbiosis of nature. By applying ancient wisdom to original yet innovative methods, Good Weed cultivates small batch cannabis in no-till, living soil, as nature intended. We believe in the power of Medical Marijuana as a plant medicine. Our aim is to provide the most pure, highest quality marijuana for the patient, while generating a community within our culture that share the passion for craft and well being. Visit our Dispensary in Colorado Springs to experience the difference in our product.






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At Good Weed, all of our cannabis flower is grown with no synthetic nutrients and no pesticides. Choose from Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains.



Cookies, gummies and other thc edibles made by only the highest quality producers in the industry.


Good Weed produces premium organic, small-batch, glass-cured flower. It only makes sense to pair with the industries leading thc extractors.


“Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of cultivated ecosystems which have the diversity, stability & resilience of natural ecosystems… Permaculture is a philosophy and an approach to land use which works with natural rhythms & patterns, weaving together the elements of microclimate, annual & perennial plants, animals, water & soil management, & human needs into intricately connected & productive communities… [Also defined as]  A productive system of human design based on maximal beneficial connections between the elements thereof … [providing]  Maximum satisfaction of needs for all living beings employing the minimum area of built space with a high density & quality of biological information.”

-Bill Mollison

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At Good Weed, we are grateful for the brilliant minds that came before us, such as the forefather of Permaculture, Bill Mollison. In the natural evolution of our human species and planet, we find ourselves in a peculiar place in time with regards to Cannabis post-prohibition. By striving to implement the ethics and principles of permaculture to cultivate and provide cannabis for our city, we feel we are a part of something bigger. Working with, rather than against nature, is what shapes Good Weed as an organization. We feel we have so much to learn from the very environment and life we find ourselves in today.
As a society we face many political, environmental, and moral challenges. We believe permaculture as a whole has the answers to many of these problems. No-Till gardening is the timeless method of plant cultivation within the framework of permaculture. By cultivating cannabis with a no-till methodology, we are not only making our small contribution to our city by providing clean medicine, but standing in awe of nature along the way.
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No-till is a method of growing founded on the ethics and principles of permaculture. Also known as low-till, it involves leaving the soil largely undisturbed by human hands or equipment.  By utilizing a living mulch, in the form of a cover crop at our dispensary, we build an ecosystem of symbiotic relationships that promote plant immunity to fend off pests and diseases. This holistic approach to farming medical marijuana allows the soil food web to attain the perfect diversity of nutrients and minerals from the soil, and recycle them onto itself, in perfect balance for the plant. With no dietary restriction, but the full spectrum of life and energy available, every plant may flourish, rising to its full genetic expression.

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With the total range of nutrition available to the plant, the plant also tends to provide the total range of health-giving benefits. Because the process involves no bottled nutrients and no pesticides, it is free from any residual salt buildup, heavy metals, or pesticide residue, giving you the cleanest medical marijuana flower available in today’s very dynamic marijuana industry. And because it is grown as nature intended, you can be sure it is of maximum potency and effectiveness.[show-less]


“Quality over everything” is not only a daily mantra at the Good Weed dispensary, but the grounds on which all decisions are made. Think about the minor yet invaluable qualities potentially lost when any good is produced on a large scale, as opposed to crafting it yourself. Taking the devoted, captivated posture of one creating something home-made, and scaling that to a commercial level is our martial art. When we cultivate cannabis in small batches every step of the way, quality is never overlooked or lost. In fact, quality is the product of every move made at Good Weed, due to the design of the organization...[read more]
With our unique business design, craft is redefined. Workflow is optimized by appropriating the right balance of manpower to labor, and implementing innovative and creative systems. This model of going slow, performing every task thoroughly, and having space to be creative while enjoying the process, is what drives Good Weed. Cultivating a product that we are intimately connected with every step of the way with ardent care is what makes small batch, hand-crafted cannabis stand apart from the rest. As with anything else in life, quality in quality out. [show less]


Once a good whisky has been distilled, the true quality is refined by the ageing process. This ageing process is the art of distilling, and what distinguishes any good whisky from the next. The whisky barrel-aged artform could be compared to the art of curing cannabis. As cannabis is smokeable once it is dry, numerous care providers overlook the cure process for ease. Curing is the process of expelling unwanted volatile compounds, phytochemicals, pigments, essentially any part of the plant you should not be smoking, while maintaining the ideal level of humidity.[read more]
If properly executed, the cure requires extensive care and attention, and is rewarded with perfect preservation of all the fragile medicinal compounds of the plant, without any harmful components. The glass cure is a defining aspect to Good Weed, as all of the love we put into our product would be nothing without this final touch. The glass cure is what brings craft cannabis to the top shelf. Working in small batches, stillness in the room, in glass jars with an airtight seal, and ample time carved out of production to perfect each individual batch, is how Good Weed ensures clean medicine to every patient. [show less]




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