• WAX - a wax consistency of BHO/PHO extract
  • SHATTER - transparent, slightly amber in color, a glassy consistency of BHO/PHO
  • BUTTER - BHO/PHO whipped and heated to a butter like badder
  • SUGAR - BHO extracted, heavy in sugar-like crystals
  • SAUCE - BHO extracted, soupy and viscous. Terpene rich
  • LIVE RESIN - Extracted from fresh frozen flower using BHO. Highest terpene content of any extraction
  • CARTRIDGES - Supercritical CO2 extracted sap, in 750mg vape cartridges.
  • SOLVENTLESS (ROSIN) - Extract processed in house using only heat and pressure. No solvents, no purging, retains full cannabinoid spectrum and superior flavor.