“Ultimately, it is not the growing technique which is the most important factor, but rather the state of mind of the farmer.”

-Masanobu Fukuoka




The cornerstone of no-till gardening is the vibrant health of the soil, and the state of observation to support it.  In nature, there are no bottled products to do the job for you. When the environment and microbiology of the soil is in perfect harmony, nature produces thriving plants man-made products cannot compete with. By attuning ourselves to the workings of nature in the garden, we can provide support for the soil, resulting in optimal health, providing the highest quality and cleanest medicine available to patients.


The necessary state of observation helps us not only to take right action in the garden, but inspires something greater. A desire to obtain the same vibrant essence of the plant is a natural response when absorbing the garden’s beauty. This miracle of life is made possible and defined by its interconnection. By nature everything works by relationships, whether bad or good. As our plants and Good Weed as a whole grows, this principle of interconnection stands apparent in the entirety of all life. In seeking to promote harmony within the soil and plant, this approach extends toward the self, other, and our environment. Working in harmony with each other and working with, rather than against nature, creates the most beautiful conception. Good Weed is what it is and does what it does based on a holistic basis, that all of life is interconnected.


With this profound insight, we see that the state of mind of the gardener and the overall success of the organization are not two separate things. Good work cannot be produced from a negative state of being. Every aspect of our establishment depends on state of mind. The integrated approach to the organization promotes well being as the launch pad at every movement. When one is in a good state, good work comes naturally. In turn, no-till gardening cultivates the state of mind to live symbiotically with the plant, self, other and environment. Not only does cultivating cannabis with a no-till methodology provide a first-class product, the process is more enjoyable.  We are constantly growing cannabis as we grow ourselves, learning from everything in our environment. At Good Weed we want to create something beautiful, and as students and stewards of nature we are given to tools to do so.



Every team member at Good Weed started as a grunt at an outdoor commercial cannabis farm. At this location we grew both hemp and high thc cannabis, with a variety of regimens, all petroleum-produced, salt-based bottled fertilizers. Over time, each of us climbed the hierarchy to management positions, creating the opportunity to explore and experiment with an innate collective interest: gardening with organics. Amidst optimizing their cannabis production, doors for furthering ourselves and this company closed. As the old saying goes, a new door opened wide, inviting the future crew of Good Weed to begin a new project: an operation of our own. Delayed construction provided time to stumble across No-till gardening, a fork in the road we now call fate. Our minds have gone from know-it-all-growers, to observers and students of nature. After making it through the red tape and having a first go at a no-till cycle, closing the loop by opening a store front was the final task. Our first sale went out the door in December of 2016. Every day since has been finding a balance of putting time and energy into the garden, evolving the storefront, growing with the progressive cannabis culture, while holding onto timeless values. We walk into the doors everyday with an intentional mindset-- true to our mission, selves, each other, and the cannabis plant medicine.



Stumbling upon 601 E. Las Vegas was a blessing in disguise. The transformation of a 30 year run down, pathogen-ridden, vacant building owned by the bank was initially something we had a hard time visualizing. Coordinating with the city amidst arduous demolition spanned months with no end in sight. Eventually with enough grit, elbow grease, and hoop-jumping, the Good Weed crew designed and created a rat-rod with our own hands. The Good Weed growing facility was designed with two primary goals; Quality and sustainability. Being as sustainable as possible while never sacrificing quality of product is our primary goal. With these  in mind, we have designed a state of the art setup, which allows us to easily meet demand and exceed industry quality standards. Intentionally designed for slow drying to preserve flavor, and conditions primed for the cure of our small-batch product in glass jars. Having the ability to go from seed to sale all in one building, we are able to control the integrity of our final product. In addition, we take a little more pride each day knowing we created it and saw it through to the end.



With new research breaking through, we are only finding out how much we do not know about this plant. Evolving from the focus on isolating THC (the most well known component to cannabis, providing the psychotropic effect), the industry is discovering over 100 cannabinoids, and 200 terpenes, among other secondary compounds which encompass each plant’s therapeutic effect. The convergence of discovering the vast diversity and rich quality of these medicinal aspects to each strain of cannabis when cultivated organically, and learning the ropes to opening a business for the first time, we assume the role of  the humble student. Learning what we have about cannabis and business, extending to how life works as a whole, only shows us how much there is to learn. This positions us to take a very experimental approach to both cultivation and business, to learn directly from life and experience. To experiment, collect data, and learn, we must utilize observation. In this pursuit of higher learning, our process is optimized by cutting the fat so to speak. Anything aspect of the company that disrupts the natural rhythms of nature, refuses to evolve, negatively impacts, or simply does not make sense, is brought to light and dealt with openly. This key to our growth we call transparency. This helps everyone to continually evolve, grow, and be their best. Mirroring the insight of interconnection from the garden, we approach business with an integrated, holistic approach. Even the smallest realm of the company is directly tied to all the others. We feel that by implementing the lessons and values we learn from nature found in our garden, we have the best chance at success and find lasting satisfaction in our process along the way.


A valuable product is made up of high quality components. This is true for Good Weed, and the companies and products they produce. With regards to the high standard of our own product,  Good Weed intentionally uses quality companies for all ingredients sourced off-site. We don’t just look for an organic label, we look at the organization as a whole that produced it. Seeking local, ethically-based companies is our starting point in doing business with anyone. Using  various organic growing inputs into our soil, in addition to all the miscellaneous fabricated products necessary for running a business, it is important for us to choose wisely, as these items affect our final product. In addition, being personally connected with suppliers naturally brings a higher level of care and accountability. Knowing who you are partnering with to accomplish your mission provides each side with the upper hand. Being that we are students of the soil, we see how imperative healthy, beneficial relationships are to the whole. Any opportunity that Good Weed can reinforce a positive relationship, we will. Any opportunity to capitalize on utilizing the highest quality material, we will. Being true to our mission for the highest quality product, it only makes sense we partner with people we can trust.